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Dieser Blog ist dem Material gewidmet, der Konstruktion, der Technik, der Opulenz und der Schönheit, dem Spektakulären, Aufregenden, Anekdotischen, den kleinen Details und dem großen Gesamteindruck, der Bewegung, der Farbe, dem Vergangenen und der Zukunft.

Montag, 3. September 2018

FERTIG. Invitation to the groupshow at Estudio Pablo de Lillo in Oviedo, Spain

Photo: Chris Dreier

We kindly invite you to our show FERTIG featuring works by 

Bert Didillon
Chris Dreier
Wolfgang Flad
Klaus-Martin Treder
Alice Musiol
Jürgen Palmtag
Gary Farrelly
Julia Zinnbauer
Isabel Kerkermeier

Opening receptions on Thursday / Friday September 6th and 7th 2018, 8 p.m.

Estudio Pablo de Lillo
C/ General Zuvillaga, 12

The things happened this way. It was my last breakfast at Jürgen's house, after his sleepless night with Ravi Shankar and the fire dance with the children of the forest, he drained his coffee cup and said, staring at my bleary eyes: _ "You are an island. " He laughed, but he did it without disparagement. I had heard him say it before. An island, or a Robinson, is the same. Making gestures with the hands. Nodes that link in an imagined space. We had talked about it a few times before, but none of the previous conversations I remember with that clarity . Then I took my suitcase to start my return home.

"Fertig", in German, designates a work concluded, a closed itinerary. A sealed circle , a node in the network, a point. To people like me, who think it is an event that things simply happen and that sometimes the big things seems small and the small immense, satisfaction comes to us while the trace of effort is erased. The German children paint on my walls with their burnt sticks. They smile, amazed. I walk with my suitcase through streets that now look different. Happy.

Text: Pablo de Lillo

The facebook-event you can find here: Link

P.S. My film STEADY SMILE MOVE will also be part of the show. 

Already in June Pablo de Lillo screened several videos in his gallery and among others my short film "Dimmi dove vanno" was to be seen there, too: