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Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2021

Dusk is Falling - Presentation of the Short Film by Matt Hulse and Julia Zinnbauer at the Swedenborg Film Festival in London

Dusk is Falling, Matt Hulse, Julis Zinnbauer, Swedenborg Film Festival

The story behind the short short film „Dusk is Falling“ by the PINHOLE COMPUTERS, i.e. Matt Hulse and me, is mysterious and complex and I am incredibly happy that on December 11th it was shown at the Swedenborg Film Festival in London.

In January 2021 I spent several days on taking photos of a supermarket in Frankenthal, the town where I grew up. The supermarket dates back to the early seventies and the whole construction was clearly influenced by the rational architecture of American supermarkets of that time. In spite of – or to be honest: due to this functionality the building bears its very own elegance.

William Blake Dress by Julia Zinnbauer, Photo: Matt Hulse, taken at the Swedenborg Film Festival
I wrote a text about the building, translated it into English and Matt Hulse turned my text into a poem. In spring Matt took part in a performance festival curated by Leon Clowes at the Round Chapel in London. The short film „Dusk is falling“ captures me performing the poem live and remotely from Düsseldorf, beautifully filmed by Matt Hulse and you can see some of my photos of the supermarket, „shimmering warmly against the cold blue winter sky“.

I was so excited about the invitation to the Swedenborg Society that I made a William Blake dress for myself and painted Titania and Oberon sitting on a large lilly on the dress. Swedenborg had an important impact on Blake's work and therefore Blake playes a core cole in the Swedenborg Society.  

The photo of my dress was taken by Matt Hulse.