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Dienstag, 22. August 2017

A hard Place - The Opening of our Exhibition at 500x Gallery in Dallas, Texas

A hard Place, Dallas, Texas; 500x Gallery
The European congregation at the opening of "A hard Place" in front of a work by ScAle Architects

Last Saturday our group of European artists and curators had the great pleasure to celebrate the opening of our exhibition named „A hard Place“ (Link) at 500x Gallery (Link) in Dallas Texas. It was an incredible evening and after so many months of planning, writing, organising and last but not least producing our pieces of art, we were so glad about talking to our guests and receiving so many positive comments.

To all the many visitors who found their way to 500x Gallery: thank you so much for joining us in this wonderful occasion!

"A hard place" is an exhibition of international artists addressing and responding to Brutalist Architecture; a dominant post war architectural movement embodying concepts of utilitarianism and Utopian aspiration. Curated by Gundula Schmitz (Laura Mars Gallery) and Gary Farrelly.

Contributing Artists: Matias Bechtold (DE), Oisin Byrne (IRE/UK), Laure Catugier (DE/FR), Cunningham Architects (TX), Chris Dreier (DE), EVOL (DE), Gary Farrelly (IRE/BE), Dirk Krecker (DE), Pádraic E. Moore (IRE/BE), ScAle Architects (IT), Tannhäuser Tor: Alekos Hofstetter (DE) + Florian Göpfert (DE), Christine Weber (DE), Julia Zinnbauer (DE).

When: August 19 - September 24, 2017.
Opening reception Friday, August 19. 7-10 pm
Where: 500X Gallery, 500 Exposition Ave. Dallas TX 75226, U.S.A.

More Details and photos will be published soon!

A hard Place at 500x Gallery Dallas, Texas
Julia Zinnbauer: The "Dress for the car-friendly city" and the corresponding collage

Julia Zinnbauer: "STEADY SMILE MOVE", shortfilm, 2017; Chris Dreier: "Brussels AXA Building" from the "Brussels Series", 2016, c-print

Chris Dreier: Photos from the "Brussels Series", 2016, c-prints
Curators Gundula Schmitz and Gary Farrelly with guests in front of Tannhäuser Tor's work "Hoyblokka & Y-Blokka", 2014

Oisin Byrne: "Utopians and and and Visionaries", 2016, wallpaper

Dirk Krecker, stamps and lacerations, 2014; Matias Bechtold: "Jaki Tower", 2016


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