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Freitag, 21. Oktober 2022

Agam in Ludwigshafen Leverkusen Paris

Not only was the Rathauscenter in Ludwigshafen designed as a multi-functional building complex, also the incorporation of art was important for Werner Ludwig, at that time the mayor of the city, and Ernst vam Dorp, the architect of the building. As the city of Ludwigshafen has decided to demolish the Rathauscenter, I started researching about the whole topic in order to show the building in its art historical context.

The Israeli artist Yaacov Agam plays a core role in the history of the Rathauscenter. In the late 1970 he created a piece of art for the Rathauscenter and at that time he also created a large fountain for the Défense in Paris. In summer I made a skirt that refers to Agam's kinetic sculptures. With this skirt I travelled to Paris and visited the fountain. I wish the citizens of Ludwigshafen could see the colours of the fountain, shimmering in the sunlight and set in motion by the warm wind – and relate all this to their Rahauscenter.
This video is part of my interdisciplinary art project about the Rathauscenter in Ludwigshafen and will be continued.

Agam in Ludwigshafen Leverkusen Paris
Video 2022
Text, voice, camera, sound, editing, costume: Julia Zinnbauer