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Mittwoch, 3. März 2021

PINHOLE COMPUTERS - An inevitable musical calamity of Matt Hulse and Julia Zinnbauer

PINHOLE COMPUTERS is the name of an art and music performance duo whose members are Julia Zinnbauer (Düsseldorf, Germany) and Matt Hulse (London, UK).

The two artists met in February 2018 in Düsseldorf during the Düsseldorf Photo Weekend, where Hulse had been invited to exhibit work at the WP5 Gallery. During that week, the pair collaborated on an entirely new performance video installation, presented in the Glashaus on Worringer Platz, called SPACEFALL. Together Hulse and Zinnbauer shot a video on the Worringer Platz in Düsseldorf, a large square that is said to be the ugliest and dirtiest area of the whole city. Their aim was to find beauty in this space as well as to articulate a general love for neglected spaces. 

A link to an excerpt from the video you can find here, as well as a further description and Thomas Frank's article for the Westdeutsche Zeitung Düsseldorf.

PINHOLE COMPUTERS formed during the first period of 'lockdown'. The early works (spoken word and music) were created remotely, and montaged digitally.

The pair met again in person in Scotland in the summer of 2020 (during Zinnbauer's artist-in-residence at MERZ Gallery, Sanquhar) and they created and filmed a short performance, exploring semaphore (with self-made flags) and the idea of 'remote signalling'.

This video was posted immediately after midnight of New Year's Eve 2020, just moments after the UK's official departure from the EU. This was intended as a poetic first step towards keeping the creative connections between the UK and Germany alive.

For the time being, as the pandemic continues, we consider PINHOLE COMPUTERS' Instagram account ( to be our primary platform for showcasing our work and ideas. Morover, in recent weeks works by Pinhole Computers have been part of several radio shows in England, Scotland, Finland and Germany.